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200 Hallo Ho 123Movies Summary

ZEE5 upcoming movie 200- Hate Ho The trailer is out. Starring Amol Palekar, Barun Sobti, Rinku Rajguru, Sahil Khattar, Saloni Batra, Indranil Sengupta and Upendra Limaye, 200- Hate Ho Based on the real life story of 200 cast women. who attacked a rapist in an open court. The trailer gives us a glimpse of the injustice being done to Dalit women.

It also deals with the topic of rape and how the perpetrator of rape and molestation tries to escape by using the loopholes of the system. Sahil Khattar 200- attack In Ho, the rape accused play the role of the criminal.

Talking about the film, director Sarthak Dasgupta said in a statement, “It is not a film for me, but a shoulder that I give to the movement towards social equality. 200 Halla ho 123Movies.

I have to tell the audience that women should be treated equally and the lives of Dalits also matter.

The movie is about Dalit women who, despite being socially marginalised, molested, harassed and humiliated, had to take the law into their own hands to punish the person responsible for ruining their lives.

It addresses the debate as to whether they were right or wrong. I hope this movie will give voice to the social change that is needed in the society.

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200 Movie Story

Balli Choudhary is a dacoit whose gang rape, murder, robbery and terrorize 300 families for a period of 15 years without fear of law.

He takes a special interest in using threats of rape to break up and humiliate the Dalit community. He allegedly rapes more than 40 women and children, gets arrested 14 times

But he is never punished, so he has no fear of the law. And he likes any woman – whatever their age. The police refused to help the Dalits and sold the complainants to Balli.

His reign of terror continues until he fulfills his enslavement in a young and educated Dalit girl – Usha Narayan.

She files and registers an FIR against Bally, and threatens to burn them when he is besieged by him and his gang. 200 Halla ho Movie Review In Hindi

This prompts the villagers to revolt against Balli and file 40 FIRs, however when all their hopes of getting justice vanish, the women of Basti decide to take matters into their own hands. And Bally makes a fitting example. 200 the story of: there is an outcry, is based on a real life incident from Nagpur.

200 Movie Review

Writer-director Sarthak Dasgupta’s film takes us straight to the heart of the plight of Dalit women. It breaks any ‘caste-blind’ average Indian belief system by bringing to light the atrocities committed against women from the so called ‘Dalit’ castes, where they have to suffer to meet their basic needs.

Additionally, the play sensitively addresses the topic of rape and how criminals accused of rape and molestation attempt to evade prosecution by exploiting systemic loopholes. The film deals with the moral dichotomy of his final act, born out of his accumulated anger over decades. Right or wrong what he did as a final step against years of oppression?

In the opening scene, a local gangster, robber, serial rapist and murderer, Balli Choudhary (Sahil Khattar), is killed by around 200 Dalit women who, despite being socially marginalised, molested and harassed, continue to take up the law. There was no other option.

With his own hands to punish the person who ruined his life. This happened in broad daylight and in the presence of some police officers who were also attacked with chilli powder.

Senior Inspector Suresh Patil (Upendra Limaye) detained a group of women from Rainagar village in Nagpur on the presumption that they were the perpetrators of the crime. A dalit activist, Asha Surve (Rinku Rajguru), speaks out against the arrest and is supported by lawyer Umesh Joshi (Barun Sobti), who represents women in court.

Nobody pays attention to them until it becomes a political issue, at which point the Mumbai WRC (Women’s Rights Commission) forms a fact-finding committee to piece together the story and give these women a fair trial. (FFC) manufactures.

The committee is headed by retired celebrity Dalit judge Vitthal Dangle (Amol Palekar), a staunch follower of the law, and includes three other members: an expert lawyer in minority affairs, Anwar Shaikh (Pradhuman Singh Mall), of Nagpur University. Abhinav Awasare (Ishtiaq Khan), a mathematics professor and a social worker, and a senior investigative journalist, Poorva Sahni (Saloni Batra), who believe that being on the field and getting real stories is more important than sitting in an AC office.

The screenplay by Sarthak Dasgupta, Gaurav Sharma, Abhijeet Das and Soumyajit Roy is completely bumpy, especially as Asha’s fight and protest scenes for her ‘by log’ are not powerful enough. The insignificance with which crimes against women are viewed in some dialogues.

Show him, for example, that when asked what the charges are against the gangster, a police officer casually replies, “petty molestation and rape cases.

Just time-pass.” It will certainly leave you with immense dismay, not because of the film, but with the condition of women in India. On the other hand, the other dialogue and background scores are pretty average. Overall, the film is an uncomfortable watch and makes you go when it depicts the caste discrimination of the country.

Coming to the performances, Amol Palekar’s portrayal of a retired judge and a committee chief is reassuring. He succeeds in making the audience sympathize with his inner suffering,

But sometimes it feels a little forced. Rinku Rajguru (as Dalit woman Asha) plays a strong-headed woman who fights for women’s rights.

Her on-screen chemistry with Barun Sobti sparks a debate about the acceptance of interracial marriages, but they do not connect well with the audience as a couple.

Sobti’s portrayal of lawyer Umesh Joshi is pretty average; He has done much better in the past. Indranil Sengupta’s role as IPS Sameer Deshpande is limited,

Yet he makes his presence felt. Upendra Limaye is believable as SI Suresh Patil, which makes you dislike his character. The rest of the cast comes forward to help take the story forward.

200 Hallo Ho Movie Cast

Cast Roleplay Name Cast Real Name
Saloni Batra Poorva Sawhney
Sushama Deshpande Tarabai Kamble
Vinay Hack Journalist
Ishtiyak Khan Prof. Avsare
Sahil Khattar Balli Chaudhary
Upendra Limaye SI Suresh Patil
Amol Palekar Justice Vitthal Daangle
Rinku Rajguru Asha Surve
Flora Saini Poornima
Indraneil Sengupta Sameer Deshpande
Pradhuman Singh Anwar Sheikh

200 Hallo Ho Movie Details

Name 200: Hello Ho
Style Drama
Language Hindi
Platform ZEE5
release date 20 August 2021 (India)
the director Sarthak Dasgupta, Alok Batra

200 Halla Ho Trailer

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