Top 7 Biggest Fast Food Chains In Pakistan


Statistics reveal that fast food industry is that the 2nd largest in Pakistan, with over 169 million customers. it’s additionally incontestable that growth in nourishment is increasing by two hundredth annually, which suggests that this can be one the quickest growing businesses in West Pakistan. Lets have a look into the already established biggest fast food brands in the country.

7- Burger King

Burger King probably saw the growing trend in fast food industry in Pakistan and finally decided to exploit the potential. They started only recently in Pakistan. They already have franchises in almost all the major cities and is already among the most popular food chains in the country.

6- Fri-Chicks

Fri-Chicks is probably the most famous local fast food chain in the country. It has been 13 years since its inception and now, it is established all over Pakistan.

5- Subway

Subway is actually considered to be at least healthier than other junk food. Health conscious people who want to eat healthy and balanced diet, look towards Subway as their number one choice. By providing good quality sandwiches Subway is slowly attracting more and more people.

4- Hardee’s

Hardees is famous for its burgers and particularly famous for its special chips. This American food chain is currently operating five outlets in Pakistan. It has been able to gain popularity and a loyal customer base that just wants to nibble on those delicious onion rings and have a mouth full of those juicy burgers.

3- McDonalds

McDonald’s Pakistan opened their first branch in 1998 and since then, they have managed to create a fairly decent consumer base in Pakistan. It is without a doubt the most famous burger parlor in the country.

2- Pizza Hut

Not only in Pakistan, but it is also probably the most loved pizza parlor all over the world. It began operating in 1993 and since then has opened 40 outlets in all major cities of Pakistan. Pizza Hut Pakistan was also one of the first American fast food chains that initiated their operations in the country.

1- KFC

KFC first entered Pakistan in the late 1960s to early 1970s but subsequently closed down. They started again in 1997 and KFC is now the most popular fast food chain in Pakistan. With their “finger lickin’ good” tastes and value meals, they have the largest consumer base than any other food chain.

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