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Bekhudi Movie – Raaz- The Mystery Continues (2009) fame Adhyayan Suman is back with his love thriller Bekudhi, which is going to release this month, he was last seen in Bobby Deol starrer web series Ashram (2020).

His last big screen film was Ishq Click which released in the year 2016, after a long gap of 5 years, he is making his comeback in this Amit Kasaria directorial. Bekhudi Movie 123movies.

Radhika’s (Kajol) parents (Tanuja and Vijayendra Ghatge) have arranged her marriage to Vicky (Ajay Mankotia) in Canada. She insists on going there to meet him in person to get to know him better, to which they agree.

Once in Canada, she meets Vicky and initially accepts him. She then meets Rohit (Kamal Sadana) and slowly the two fall in love with each other. When his parents find out, they are outraged, and so is Vicky. all three together

and plan to force Radhika to marry Vicky. Vicky takes Rohit hostage to persuade Radhika to marry him. There doesn’t seem to be any way to escape. Will Rohit be spared after marriage?

Bekhudi Movie Story

For Rahika, her parents have arranged an arranged marriage with Vicky in Canada. She insists on meeting them in person and approving. Initially though she accepts him.

But she meets and falls in love with Rohit. Her parents and Vicky are enraged by this and have taken Rohit hostage to force Radhika to marry him. There doesn’t seem to be any way to escape.

Bekhudi Movie Review

The story is about a rich man who falls in love with a girl who has a dark past. The film was reportedly shot before the corona pandemic. The makers are thinking that the film will be released on theatrical as well as digital platform.

According to the film’s director Kasariya, the film is not a simple love story where a boy falls in love with a girl, it is a multi-layered love story. We usually only focus on the protagonist,

And on the part of the heroines, we make them look like a good girl. We have never shown the real side of the female psyche. He further added that he never followed that particular kind of frame.

Talking about the performance of the study, he said that I think this is his best performance till date.

Bekhudi has ‘a multi-layered narration a la Rashomon’. Talking about the film, Adhyayan says, “One of the reasons why I did the film was because I liked the script at that time. I also liked how clear Amit was in his vision

And how friendly he was for an actor like me who had his own opinion. I am very grateful that Amit gave me a chance then. Abhishek, my producer, is a young boy who has decided to make this film.

This is not a flat love story, which I liked. I’m excited and I hope people like it. It is going to be a theatrical release and is expected to be made on an OTT platform. Bekhudi Movie Review In Hindi

OTT is booming in such a big way that we are hoping that we will catch some attention when the film hits the OTT space. Director Amit Kasaria, for whom Bekhudi is the second film, says,

“When you write a film, it becomes your child and it is always close to your heart. It was technically challenging for me to write a film like Bekhudi as I had to write something in Thriller, Love Story. Bekhudi Movie Review In Hindi

Bekhudi Movie Release Date

The makers have released the trailer of the film on 4 October 2021 on the official YouTube channel of Entourage Music, announcing the release date of the film. Abhishek Tyagi is the producer of the film along with Vijay Bansal and Sneha Tyagi. It is made under the banner of Entourage Music.

The film will release in theaters on 29 October 2021. Apparently, 1-2 weeks after the theatrical release, it will premiere on the Over the Top (OTT) platform, as stated by the makers. 

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Bekhudi Movie Cast

Cast Real Name Cast Roleplay Name
Kamal Sadanah Rohit
Kajol Radhika
Ajay Mankotia Vicky
Tanuja Radhika’s Mother
Vijayendra Ghatge Radhika’s Father
Kulbhushan Kharbanda Rohit’s Father
Rajendranath Malhotra Rambhau alias Rambo
Sanjeev Chitre NA
Rubina NA
Farida Jalal Aunty
Jagdish Raj NA
Vikas Anand NA
iftekhar NA
Master Bharat NA
Miles NA
Bob Payne NA
Uday Devare NA

Bekhudi Movie Details

Name Aisa Waisa Pyaar
Content-Type Movie
Language Hindi
Genres Action, Crime, Drama
Running Time 2Hrs. 2Min
OTT Platform NA
Directed By Amit Kasaria
Main Star Cast Anurag Sharma, Dev Sharma, Gulki Joshi
Release Date 29 October 2021

Bekhudi Movie

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