The Donkey King


The Donkey King is an animated Pakistani film. It was produced by Geo Films and Talisman Animation Studios and was released on 13 October 2018.  It is a Fun Film for All Ages.

The film was written by Aziz Jindani and Kamran Khimani and directed by Aziz Jindani. The Donkey king Featuring the biggest ensemble cast of Pakistan.

Music: Asrar, Majid Raza, Shuja Haider and Shani Arshad.
Sound Design: FutureWorks
Background Score: Shani Arshad
Sound Recordist: Dixon Wilson Studio

The Donkey King movie is written by Aziz Jindani & Kamran Khimani and directed by Aziz Jindani. The movie was developed and produced by Talisman Studios and Geo Films.

The movie contains voices of Jan Rambo, Ismail Tara, Hina Dilpazeer, Ghulam Mohiuddin, Salman Saquib Sheikh (Mani) and Jawed Sheikh. The first look of the movie was released in august 2018.

The director of the movie Aziz Jindani said that he has idea of this film since 2003. Later started working on it in 2013 while working on his animated series “Commander Safeguard”.

The official trailer of the movie was released on 23 September 2018 and the film is set to be released on 13 October 2018 in Pakistan.

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Cast & Characters:

  • Jan Rambo as Mangu
  • Hina Dilpazeer as Miss Fitna
  • Ghulam Mohiuddin as Badshah Khan
  • Adeel Hashmi as Shahzada Khan
  • Faisal Qureshi as Breaking News
  • Salman Saquib Sheikh (Mani) as Rangeela
  • Javed Shaikh as Changu
  • Ismail Tara as Pehalwan Chacha
  • Shafaat Ali as Ronald Crump
  • Irfan Khoosat as Jamboora
  • Shabbir Jan as Sardar Chacha
  • Ahsan Rahim as Mr. Propaganda
  • Irfan Malik as Panoti
  • Ali Hassan as Raja Uncle

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