Vlogit Free Premium Android Video Editing App Without Watermark


All the people need video editing app nowadays and that too with good premium features but nowadays most of the apps come with paid features so that people buy for that features and their business goes on.

And if some apps give a premium feature, then they will definitely keep watermark and many people do not like watermark. But the only purpose of keeping the watermark of the video editing app is that they should make the name of their app or business. So as people keep sharing, their name will also be shared and famous and most people can download their app.

But you do not worry, we will tell you today an android app with premium feature, whose name is Vlogit app. This app allows editing videos without any watermark and also with premium features.

What is Vlogit?

What is Vlogit app, it is hidden in its name. This android app is made for the blogger doing VLOG so that he can edit his video on the app itself and can easily share in social media platforms like youtube, facebook.

Vlogit is an app that allows you to do video editing in android mobile which is absolutely free as well as premium features. The video exported from this app will be available in the format without watermark.

In this app both personal video and professional video types can be made. Personal video like made for yourself and professional means you will be able to share that video on different platforms like facebook youtube twitter also.

How to download Vlogit app?

Why was the name VLOGIT named?

Vlogit is named because this app is specially made for video blogger and you already know that video blogging is called vlog. VLOGIT means edit by creating a video blog.

Some special features about VLOGIT

Intro: If the intro of your video is not correct, then what is the fun in that video, then vlogit gives a chance to make the best intro. Vlogit has some presets in which you can create and customize your own brand intro.

Animated Text , Emoji and Stickers : You can make your video better by adding animated text and fun emoji.

Sound and music: Now the video will be edited well by trimming the effects and cut, but after that the most important thing is that you have two options in music and sound Vlogit, either you can import the audio yourself or vlogit has given You can select any music from the free library.

Keep user engaged: This is not a feature, but Vlogit gives many such features due to which your user engagement increases. And it is also important that your engagement should increase because you are a vlogger and users are not attracted by watching your videos, then what is the use.

In such a situation, there are some features of vlogit such as popup graphics, image overlays, image transitions and many more these features excite users to watch videos.

Catchy thumbnails: If you are a youtube creator then you need thumbnail to attract click bait or users and this will also increase the views of your youtube videos.

Speed ​​control: Slow motion and speed are the features used to make the video more and more attractive and you can easily use it in vlogit app.

Reverse: By using this feature you can play your video clip in reverse order.

Editing tools: All those features come in editing tools, most editing apps should be like split, merge, cut, crop, rotate.

Social share and save import: If your video is ready after editing, then now you must share it on some social media site, so you are given the option of direct sharing as you can share on youtube facebook.

How to download Vlogit app?

You do not need to work hard to download Vlogit app because you will get this app in play store. All you have to do is search vlogit in play store or search filmora vlogit and the app of filmora technology co will come in front of you.

Click on Download and Install and let the Vlogit app be installed in your mobile. After installation, if you do not know how to use it, then aap read further, we will tell you how to use vlogit, how to edit video in it.

How to use Filmora Vlogit android editing app?

  • Step 1: Like any other app, you will also need to sign up or sign in to the vlogit app. And if you sign up the account once, there is no need to sign up again and again.
  • Step 2: You will have options to login in 3 – 4 ways, Facebook google twitter guest, you can proceed by choosing whichever option you find easy. If you do not want to login with any existing account, then you can create as a guest new account.
  • Step 3: When you login, you will have option for video in 2 ways. Selected 1 Camera 2 Import
    Camera, then you will be on camera to record and you can edit video by recording it immediately. With the Import option, you can import and edit any video clip.
  • Step 4: After Import, you can complete the editing of the video by doing all these text transition or effects Intro. If editing is over, then only you have the option of exporting the video only.
  • Step 5: With ease, you can export the video in 1080p resolution, apart from 1080p, other formats are also available with you. According to your need, you can select and export the video from VLOGIT free editor.

FAQ about Vlogit app?

Is Vlogit completely free app?
Yes. In vlogit, all premium features are available to use for free.

Which country is the Vlogit app from?
Vlogit’s research and development center is in ShenZhen and Tokyo.

Can Vlogit edit videos without watermark?
Yes. You will get watermark free videos.

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