What Is Internet Banking Or E-Banking?


Meaning of Internet Banking or E-Banking, Benefits of Internet Banking, Advantages of Net Banking and complete information

In today’s busy life, people spend money to save time, but wasting time in bank queues to get money has become an outdated thing. In this modern era, with technology we can save both our money and time.

Internet banking or e-banking ended all our troubles and brought all the facilities of the bank to our phone, hence Internet Banking can also be known as Phone Banking.

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What is Internet Banking, What is the meaning of Internet Banking, stay with us to know Internet Banking Meaning and detail information. In this post you will get all information related to Internet Banking in easy language.

What is Internet Banking

The meaning of Internet Banking is clear from its name. It is made up of two words – Internet + Banking. Internet Banking means accessing your bank account online and using the service given in it online. It is also called E-Banking.

In Internet banking, your bank gives you a power or facility, in which you can transact money and work related to the bank anywhere, anytime with the help of Internet in your bank account . In simple words, Net Banking is an online system using which banking related tasks can be easily done outside the bank from your workplace or home with time saving.

Internet Banking Information

When the Internet banking service is started, the bank is given a unique user ID and password by us. With the help of Net Banking, you can become a part of Digital India by adopting Cashless Payment Method.

Internet banking is absolutely free, so you can use it even in the minimum balance, there is no charge.

Now we talk about the benefits of Internet banking, why Internet banking became the first choice of Digital India.

Benefits of Internet Banking

  • The biggest feature of net banking is that you can do all your transactions and payments sitting at home. With this, while doing online recharge and bill payments, you also get cashback with the best offers which is not usually available from the shopkeepers, so Net Banking is not an affordable deal.
  • Online Transaction can be done from anywhere as soon as possible when there is a sudden need for money. If you have net banking, you can send money online to your family and friends.
  • This is a 24-hour service, in which no work stops due to dependence on others. With the help of Net Banking, both our money and precious time are saved.
  • Whether to open a bank account or check online balance, with the help of net banking, you can also do all the work related to checking your last 10 transactions, so that you will know where and how much money was made from the last 10 transactions from your account.
  • The benefits of net banking are many more. In case of loss of your ATM card, it can be blocked from sitting at home. If you forget the PIN number of the ATM, you generate a new PIN number in 1 minute.
  • Can open FD / RD Account. You can also apply for a checkbook. Internet banking also provides services under two options to customers – IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) and NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer).


This is a Secure Service, yet one should be careful while doing net banking. Do not use Cyber ​​Cafe and Public WiFi . While doing net banking, open only one browser at a time and install Device Antivirus System. Do not tell User ID and Password to anyone and beware of Fake Calls.

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