7 Ways To Restore Sunburned Skin Quickly And Effectively


Summer is coming, after every picnic, relaxing at the beach with family and friends, our skin becomes dark, dry, even sensitive skin can be peeled. So how to restore damaged skin due to sunburn?

Here are 7 ways to help you recover from sunburned skin. You can save it for when you or your loved ones get sunburnt, apply.

7 ways to soothe skin when sunburned

1. Use honey

Few people know, honey has a good effect in restoring the skin when it is red due to sunburn. It is very simple, just use honey to apply directly to the skin, or you can dilute the honey before applying by mixing honey with cold unsweetened fresh milk, then using a cotton ball to apply directly to the face.

Using honey not only soothes the skin immediately, but also helps the skin to recover quickly after sunburn. Please note that you should choose to buy honey at a reputable address to use it safely.

2. Soothe the skin with yogurt

Yogurt is not only a nutritious food, good for the digestive system, but also a lifesaver for women when sunburned. To restore sunburned skin, wash your face with normal water, use cold unsweetened yogurt to apply on sunburned skin, leave for about 10 minutes and then dry with a soft towel. This will help dispel the burning sensation, cool the skin, and stop the redness.

3. Wash your face with green tea leaf water

Green tea contains a lot of catechins and flavonoids, these two ingredients have the effect of soothing the burning sensation caused by sunburn, and effectively restoring damaged cells. If your skin is sunburned, you can boil some green tea leaf juice and wash your face daily to restore the beauty of your skin.

Just use boiled green tea leaf juice and apply it on your face for about 5-10 minutes, twice a day to quickly recover your skin.

4. Apply egg whites to soothe the skin

Surely everyone’s kitchen has eggs, right? Then use egg whites to soothe and restore sunburned skin very effectively.

Separate the yolks and eggs and then use a cotton ball or cotton pad to absorb it on the face. Leave for 10-15 minutes and then wash your face with water.

5. Cool your skin with cucumber

Surely cucumber masks are no longer strange to you, right? Using thinly sliced ​​cucumbers on the sunburned skin will help the skin quickly cool down. In particular, the nutrients in cucumbers will help the skin recover effectively after tanning.

6. Apply aloe vera

Aloe vera is known as a secret to care, nourish and soothe the skin. Thanks to the ability to stimulate skin cells to regenerate, provide moisture, anti-aging, treat burns … so aloe vera can help soothe and bring sunburned skin back to its original state.

How to apply is very simple, just use a small banyan tree, cut off the outer shell, use the inner gel to apply directly to the skin within 15 minutes and then wash it off with water.

Aloe vera is easy to grow and has many uses, you should plant 1 pot at home.

7. Potato mask

Ingredients pantothenic acid and vitamins A, C, B have the ability to soothe sunburned skin, help provide moisture to the skin, nourish soft skin, promote skin regeneration, make skin healthy.

Steamed potatoes, mashed and then mixed with a little fresh milk without sugar. Before applying the mask, need to wash your face clean, apply the mixture on the skin, after 15 minutes, rinse thoroughly with cold water.

In addition to potatoes, you can use tomatoes to make a mask to restore your skin by. After being washed, tomatoes are sliced ​​thin and then applied directly to the sunburned skin. Or you can squeeze tomatoes into smoothies to drink.

What to do to avoid sunburn?

– Apply sunscreen when leaving the house. Reapply after 4 hours if you are out in the sun for too long or swimming in the sea

– Drink enough water every day, eat lots of fruits and vegetables to provide vitamins to help nourish and recover quickly when going out in the sun.

– Limit exfoliation during the time the skin is damaged, at this time the skin needs to “rest” to recover

– Absolutely do not peel the skin in the damaged areas, let the skin peel off naturally. If you peel your skin yourself, it will be very weak, and catch the sun very quickly.

– If the skin has redness, burning pain, you need to take special care of your skin with moisturizers and masks to keep your skin healthy and smooth.

Those are the skin care experiences, you can refer to to have more experience in beautifying your skin. Visit NewsMenk.com regularly to update many beauty tips!

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