Eiraj Kazmi

Eiraj Kazmiwas is a Singer, Composer & Songwriter from Afghanistan. He was born 13 October 1987, in Kabul, Afghanistan and currently living in Frankfurt Germany. He attended music schools in India and Pakistan.

He gained popularity in the year of 2002 from the song To Raftee Dar Safar. EK composes and directs nearly all of his own songs.

Wiki, Biography and Family

Eiraj Kazmi (in Short: EK) belongs to middle class tajik family, native persian speaker.  His father is big fan of music so as child EK learned music for his father. Eiraj Kazmi (in Short: EK)  is a fan of bollywood, his favorite singer Sonu Nigam.

He started learning the paino at the age of 9. Eiraj Kazmi moved to india to learn paino. much of the Indian influence can be seen in his singing. Ek has also composed and directed music for various Afghani films.

Eiraj Kazmi launched his own music company EK in Frankfurt Germany, and a secondary office in Kabul.


Short Profile

Real Name: Eiraj Kazmi.
Nick Name: EK.
Date of Birth: 13 October 1987.
Star Sign: Libra.
Birth Place: Kabul, Afghanistan.
Profession: Singer, Composer, Songwriter.

Country: Afghanistan.

Current Residence: Frankfurt Germany.


Nationality : Afghani
Ethnicity : Tajik
Religion : Islam

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